I am pleased to advise clients on legal matters through the Los Angeles office of RADCLIFF MAYES LLP.

A seasoned professional, Jeff offers clients nuanced and rapid counsel on strategic legal and business issues. That counsel is founded on decades of experience on business and legal topics, especially in the complex and socially important markets of healthcare and life sciences. The competence extends to the unique challenges faced by foreign companies working in the United States. That experience means a broad understanding of legal issues faced by clients, how those issues impact business strategy, and how legal issues can work to create competitive advantages. 

Jeff’s clients often require guidance on specific legal issues. More often, they require advice drawing from various disciplines to create a comprehensive plan to address their strategic legal matters. Regardless of the client’s needs, the basic approach is the same: The specific circumstances are evaluated in detail so that, in the end, we arrive together at an individually-designed solution appropriate for a continually changing legal and business environment. 

Ultimately, the approach will be suitable for clients that demand judgment founded on broad experience, a high level of technical expertise, and prompt, attentive service.